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What our clients are saying…

"I am extremely pleased with the two portfolio cases and the poster tube. They have already gotten quite a few miles on them and being just a two man shop, they make travel a lot easier."

— Scott Glaser, Blazing Glasers, CT

"We purchased several Tranzporter portfolio cases of different sizes and styles a little more than a year ago and have found uses for each even outside of those mentioned on your website. As we are a design firm that specializes in hotel interiors we find ourselves traveling to some very remote places and needed a means to carry the typical drawings, photos, artwork; but we also needed a way to carry the not so typical items such as large pieces of fabric, accessories, photography equipment, etc. without the use of huge pieces of traditional luggage. Again, our business does not allow us the ability to always hand carry items on flights so in many cases we have to check the Tranzporter portfolio cases as luggage. I am pleased to say they have held up great on their around the world trips and I would highly recommend anyone to use the product. To date, they are in still as good shape as the day we bought them."

— Mark Haddock, Watermark Design Studio, TX

"After having struggled (and I mean that literally) with the standard acrylic architectural tube, I decided I was long overdue for a serious, i.e. durable and functioning tube/container for carrying my drawings. After much research (and dismay) I was overjoyed to have discovered the Tranzporter site/products; admittedly I was slightly hesitant due to the financial investment. However I quickly realized that the total cost I've spent over the years on inferior products coupled with my mounting frustration paled in comparison. What did I have to lose? As it turned out, nothing; from the stellar customer service staff, speedy shipping and, most importantly, the final product - I don’t know why I waited so long! I simply cannot say enough positive things about the quality of the craftsmanship and the functionality of the product and as an added bonus, it looks amazing!!! Without hesitation I would highly recommend the Tranzporter poster tube to any artist/architect and as a matter of fact, have done so already."

— Emerson Angell, Masters in Architecture candidate

"Our client is a world-recognized brand. They have an aggressive sales force that demands a "first-class” appearance in all they represent. As they say... "Everything Communicates!” So when they asked us to provide traveling sales portfolio cases we used the most innovative cases we could find. We chose Tranzporters and we are very happy we did! The client could not be more pleased with the way their logo appears, very subtle and classy, on the side of the case. And the innovative structure allows for replacement of inexpensive side panels...keeping the portfolio cases looking brand new! The sales team is convinced the sharp and clean appearance of their presentations has actually increased sales!"

— Drew Haygeman, Phase 2 Design, Inc., CA

" is really perfect."

— Nessim Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

"The Tranzporter tubes are a convenient way for our sales force to store and carry our medical devices in the field. The durable Tranzporter tubes protect their contents and have a professional appearance."

— Tony Resendes, Spirus Medical, MA

Some of Our Clients

Axis, Inc.
Blazing Glasers
CalEMA Law Enforcement
Columbia Astrophysics Lab
Eastern Illinois Univ
Hennebery Eddy Arch
Honeywell International
Museum of Science, Boston
NBC Universal
Old World Prints
Physician Health Prgm
Franklin Hill Art
Freitas Law Firm
GlobalEthanol Services
Grand Image Ltd
GSW Worldwide
HG Art and Framing
Hollister Wound Care
Hunter Engineering
Interbrand Design Forum
Luxe Surfaces

Potomac Hospital
School of Design, PA
Soho Myriad
Solar Millenium
The Bergman Companies
University of Toronto
US Coast Guard
City of Santa Monica
College Executives
Craig Wickersham Inc
Crown Geochemistry
Delta Development Group
Abbott Law Firm
Menlo Innovations
Miamisburg Park and Rec
Michael Graves & Assoc
Missouri DHHS
MO National Air Guard
Mostue and Associates
Motor City Electric Co
Mount Sinai Hospital
New Work Symphony
OR Dept of Fish and Game
Orion Marine Group
PA Dept of Agriculture

Advanced Sterilization Products
Anti Cancer Inc.
Array Healthcare Facilities Solutions
Arts & Antiques Appraisals
ATK Mission Research
August Home Publishing
BEI Industrial Encoaters
Bryant Industries Corp
CA National Guard
City of Charlotte
Phase 2 Design Inc
Rand Construction
REI Engineering
Rutgers Univ
Scheffer Andrew Ltd
Sea Recovery Corp
Smith Bagley
Spirus Medical
Tamarind Arts
Third and Wall
Watermark Design Studios
Woodland Furniture